Lifelong Gamer at the Age of 42

It was pretty clear at a young age that I enjoyed video games, starting on an Atari 2600 I can still remember staying up all night trying to score a million points with a friend as we handed the controller back and forth to give each other a break on a game called Laser Blast. Back then the term gamer had not been invented yet.

As time went on I played games on other gaming consoles, the Commodore 64, Sega, Nintendo, Play Station, up until I finally had my first PC, that is where I started to play Diablo, and Star Craft, both of which were created by Blizzard Entertainment. I do not actually remember how we stumbled upon this game, though I think it came out about the time I was working for CompUSA.

The game was a dark fantasy role playing based game released in December of 1996. There were 3 classes to choose, Warrior, Rogue, and Sorcerer. I remember me and my brother playing the warrior class while a friend played the Sorcerer. There were 16 levels of dungeons and was set in the fictional Kingdom of Khanduras. Through the levels of killing monsters you obtained treasure and in some cases magical items to enhance your character, you also gained experience which increased your level and powers to ultimately help you get to your main objective. The main objective was to enter hell on the 16th level and kill Diablo a powerful demon.

My brother, friends and I spent many hours playing Diablo together and many occasions all night, sometimes only stopping to go to our jobs. This was certainly the game where I became a gamer as the term is known today. So much so that I am eagerly awaiting the release of the Diablo 3 that is to be released in May 2012. I also have been playing Star Craft 2 since it was released almost 2 years ago now. We do not play Diablo anymore but up until Star Craft 2 came out we still played the original from time to time.

As we await the newest arrival of Diablo III we have already checked the list to assure our PC’s are updated and capable of handling the system requirements of the game. My brother looks to build a newer PC so that he will be able to play when the game hits the shelf. Just another day awaiting the arrival of the latest game, the day and life of a gamer.